Auvenell's Portfolio

Auvenell's Portfolio

Fluid & Intelligent

NYC Based Web Developer

Student of Design and Programming

Proficient in:

  • JavaScript
  • JQuery
  • Bootstrap
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JSON
  • WordPress

Clients can expect:

Beautiful, intelligent, fluid, custom, device responsive/adaptive productions; draw in your website's visitors with exceptional design on any platform, web browser, or system.

A site title/domain name of your choice, use of modern color palettes, and the ability to give design input.

(All productions will cleanly support iOS/iPhone, OSX, Safari, Mac, Chrome, Android, Desktop/Laptop, and any screen size, as a standard feature.)

Professional support and free revisions for up to 30 days after getting online.


Clean Look

Your business's website is like a storefront. Boost your visitor to customer turnover rates with a clean, fluid, professional look.

Modern Technology

The best tech that modern web development has to offer. Your website will run and reflect the industry's latest advancements.

Social Media Support

Social media is non-negotiable in today's world. Integrate your/your business's social profiles on your site and extend your digital footprint!

Responsive Design

Today's consumers have multiple devices, of various sizes, running on various platforms. Rest easy knowing that your site will be just as clean and fluid on all of today's and yesterday's screens.

Optimized for Speed & Fluidity

Custom sites load way faster than those using resource intensive designs from companies like Wix, Weebly, WordPress, etc. Efficient technology, and skillful application of the best industry practices results in some of the fastest load times on all your devices, even on mobile data connections.

Support and Revisions

It isn't over just because it's online. Thought of a new tagline or need to showcase a new image? Tweaks and revisions are FREE for up to 30 days after your site is online.


My Productions

AquaDreamz Mobile Detailing

Custom built site; employs JavaScript, JQuery, HTML & CSS. This website's form stores data on a Google Spreadsheet for simple clientside data manipulation.

Click here to see it at:

Bombay Booty FitnessĀ®

Fitness class informational page, complete with booking, registration and PayPal payments.

Click here to see it

Twitch.TV Live Directory

This directory uses's API to list channel status and current programming.

Click here to see it on my CodePen!

Client Testimonials


For direct contact use the information below, or fill out the form!

Queens, NY

(347) 871-2126